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Tennis Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Success in tennis largely depends on the flexibility of a player’s, mental conditioning and physical training. As a beginner, you need to develop a strong mental game in order to succeed in tough matches. Here are a few tennis tips and tricks that should help you get on with this great game. Footwork is the main foundation for success in a game of tennis. Tennis shots begin from the ground up which means your feet will be engaged even before the racket gets near the ball. Great footwork skills ensure that you have fast and powerful shots, just like in boxing where the knock out blow is made by the boxer getting his feet in the right position to deliver a powerful punch.

The best way to work on your footwork is to avoid running while on the court as much as possible. Movement should be restricted or made using crossover steps or side shuffles. Your warm-up routine should incorporate tennis footwork drills using ladders and zig-zag cones as your training aids. Understand the basic techniques of tennis which include the serve, forehand volley, backhand volley and drop shot. A serve is meant to set the ball into play or start the game. A forehand volley is taken on your right with your body open to the ball while a backhand refers to a swing taken from the left side with your body closed off the ball. A drop shot is a shot that strategically lands slightly over the net with the intention of forcing the opponent to run towards the net and return the ball.

Before executing any shot in tennis, it is important to prepare well in advance. Preparation can mean the difference between success and frustration in tennis hence as a beginner; you must learn good grip and execution strategies to make a perfect serve or forehand volley. To maintain consistency while playing tennis, you must hit the ball at the right contact point and at the right time, this further improves your game and reduces mistakes. Getting it right in tennis means you have to spend time practicing and improving your overall fitness through physical training.

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